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Company News
What is a dock bumper?
Latest company news about What is a dock bumper?



What is a dock bumper?


In routine terms, a bumper is a ‘device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage.’ A marine dock bumper is attached to the docks so as to prevent the boats from getting damaged if they hit the docks after they are moored properly.

Sometimes it so happens that even after a boat is docked they tend to get jostled or shoved against the docks. Since the boats are made of fibreglass material, such moving of the boat could result in the boat owner paying out huge amounts to repair the boat. A dock bumper solves this problem for the boat owner.


There are different kinds of boat dock bumpers. Some of the various types of boat dock bumpers can be explained below:


dock bumper


The most ordinary type of marine dock bumper is a foam bumper. They are the cheapest variety of boat dock bumpers that are available in the market.

A steel-faced dock bumper is a very preferred variety of dock bumper that is available in the market. This type of boat dock bumpers offers not only longer life to the bumpers but also offers complete protection to the docks in every weather condition. There are different types of steel-faced bumpers that are utilized for the purpose of dock and boat safety. One such important type is the dura-soft marine dock bumper.


A dock bumper can be easily installed; however, it is important to note the type of bumper that is to be used and the correct area of the dock where the bumper is to be fitted. The fitting of a dock bumper depends on the area where the boat could hit the docks with the most impact. Excess fitting could lead to unnecessary expenses for the dock owner while limited fitting could lead to some areas being left out and the boat getting damaged.


In order to install a dock bumper, all one needs is the appropriate screwdriver and screws. Sometimes, by using simple materials a dock bumper can be created by a boat owner himself. But the reliability of such bumpers will not be as much as of the company manufactured dock bumper.


A dock bumper is an important technological method that is helpful to everyone involved in the boat docking process.


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